Class Descriptions

Join Christine Lewis for Yoga Classes 

Learn how to Improve your mobility and let go of worry and stress.  Each class is unique and designed to restore and enhance your body’s natural rhythm and healing abilities.



To enrol in this series, you must have an established regular yoga practice and/or completed Wenmarb Yoga’s signature program “The Art of Graceful Ageing Program”.      Building upon your already acquired knowledge of the fundamentals of yoga achieved in your personal practice and/or your learning from The Art of Graceful Ageing Program we will systematically focus on alignment, sequences, pranayama, meditation and how it all blends into your life.



To enrol in this series, you must be able to get on and off the floor.  This series is a wonderful introduction if you are new to yoga, have limited mobility, chronic health issues, or simply want a gentle practice.  You will learn the fundamentals of yoga and how to effectively strengthen your muscles, joints and systems of the body, as well as techniques to calm the mind and release tension.

You will  understand how to effectively make modifications based on your body type and ability.  You will learn the benefits of each pose and the precautions to follow based on your health.  Breathing techniques and meditation blended into this series in a systematic way to achieve more balance and harmony within the physical and emotional bodies.



Ideal for seniors, if you have limited mobility, injury or chronic health issues.  You will learn how to  effectively strengthen your muscles, joints and systems of the body and understand how to use yoga props to support you.  Utilizing chairs physical postures, breathing techniques, guided meditation introduced to restore and amplify your body’s natural rhythm of wellbeing.