Testimonials and Transformations


“The best course I could have ever taken!  It helped me change my whole outlook. 

It taught me that I can choose to make positive changes by letting go of what is not serving me and choosing to see the positive in all situations. 

It has helped me relieve stress through short meditation and chair or standing yoga in my office environment making me happier and healthier both in my professional and personal life. 

Thank You Christine!”      …………….Nina Hebert


“I would highly recommend this program.  A great tool to develop a personal practice in yoga and life.”              ………………Leigh McQuillan


“Christine is able to individualize the program even though it is facilitated in a group session.”         ……………….Debbie Duncan


Since completing the program, participants have expressed in their own words below their transformations, breakthroughs and comments:


  1. My daily routine has changed and I: 
  • Incorporate some practice everyday, meditation+
  • I now do meditation everyday and able to start off with a Positive mindset and a short 10 min practice to ensure I am well in mind and body
  • Meditate mostly everyday and practice restorative poses before bedtime

2. The top things learnt in the Program and my breakthroughs:

  • There is no one right way to do a pose
  • Recognize when thoughts are headed in the wrong direction
  • Take time to appreciate things
  • Knowing its okay to do a shorter practice and still receive benefits 
  • Changing my entire mindset by being able to recognize when things are not serving me a positive outcome to let it go and just go with the flow.
  • We are all individuals on our own path
  • Able to transfer negative thoughts into positive upstream/downstream
  • Taking time for yourself everyday is important

3. The transformations I have experienced within my:


  • Calmer, more flexible
  • Keeps me flexible, and relieves tension/stress because I sit all day
  • Blood sugar reduced


  • Have more patience
  • Much happier and more positive, I do not take my work home anymore
  • More acceptance and now better able to turn guilt into acceptance


  • Acknowledgement of what is not working and being more positive in all my situations.  I’m turning that boat around and going with the flow
  • Better able to calmly handle students and classroom situations.

4. Overall the content of the program was rated by participants as Excellent and Value for money of the Program and Delivery of the Program was rated as Excellent and Very Good.  

5. Other Comments

I will tell everybody how great it is.  Everyone should have this experience/course.  It was great!