The “isness” of the Present Moment
June 15, 2020

In times of great change especially when we have no control over what is happening around us, we can sometimes get caught up in things that does not serve our wellbeing. Now more than ever, we need to set aside some quiet time to spend with ourselves.

For many of us who do not already have this “quiet time” it may be a very unsettling experience to spend time with “yourself” on this intimate level. It’s normal to feel that way especially if you are always on the go putting out fires and busy with life. It may seem counterproductive, however, it is a priceless gift you can give to yourself because the leverage you will gain from this “quiet time” practice will be reflected in the quality of your life.

Taking time on a regular basis to spend time with “You” is your way of refuelling; just like your car needs fuel to operate efficiently. This private “Me” time can be in many forms. Whatever format we choose is up to us, the most important things to remember is to be willing and open to allow the unfolding of your quiet time to organically flow without any direction or management from you. Each time we do this we push the pause button on our lives so that we can refresh and reset.

This “quiet time” cultivates mindfulness and allows our physical and mental bodies to rest, recuperate and re-energize. It opens up the doorway for us to release our resistance from things that are bothering us; and creates space for us to receive and recognize things that are pleasing and supportive to us.

The first step to bringing about this inner peace or inner relief to yourself is surrendering to the “isness” of your present moment. This simply means that you make a conscious decision to observe your present moment with no judgement about yourself, your life and others. You will just be the watcher of your thoughts and emotions as they unfold moment by moment.

For example, meditating or taking a walk in nature are powerful ways to soothe yourself from resistant patterns of thoughts and brings you back to your natural state of wellbeing.

The more uncomfortable you feel when you “quiet your mind” the more you should stick with it; and in a short amount of time you will find yourself getting better and better at it. When you approach and apply this process whole heartedly some powerful internal adjustments and communication takes place within you. New patterns and new wiring are created and balance is restored.

If you take a minute or two or three or 15 minutes each day, you will discover more joy and peace within yourself and ultimately in time you will notice improvements with your mood and attitude and experience better relationships, better health, more clarity and resources flowing into your life experience. When you are in this place of alignment you are of the greatest value to yourself, your family and the world.

I am very grateful that I have integrated meditation into my daily activities. One of my favourite times to go within is when I am doing the dishes and looking out of my kitchen window. Some of my best ideas and answers have flowed into my experience at that time. I have many “mini” quiet times throughout my day and they refuel and inspire me to living the life I choose.


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