My Business Name Came to Me in the Middle of the Night While I Was Sleeping
August 15, 2020

I could not Ignore it, the Impulse was so strong I had to take action.

I have been often asked how I came up with my business name Wenmarb Yoga. One night while I was sleeping Wenmarb Yoga popped into my head. I knew I was dreaming but I was also very aware, a silent voice within me repeated the words Wenmarb Yoga, in honour of my sister Wendy, my father and mother, Martin and Ruby and my grandmother Bernadine and aunt Burnelle. These people have helped shaped my life tremendously.

I believe one must follow their heart and stay true to ones values regardless. This “heart following process” has always served me well throughout my life and brought me fulfillment. Taking time out to quiet my mind helps me cultivate trust and knowing within myself and allows me to remain connected to my heart centre.

Wenmarb Yoga is not just a business name to me, it represents all those who have walked before me and paved the way for me to be the person I am today; and even though they are not physically here with me I know that are walking beside me, guiding me and inspiring, and that is just fun to know that they are still playing with me.


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