Triangle Pose is a Key Ingredient to My Daily Yoga Practice
September 15, 2020

I often tailor my personal daily yoga practice based on how I feel when I wake up each morning and my schedule for the day. I always try to incorporate Triangle Pose into my repertoire because it makes my shoulders and spine happy…… and opens me up energetically for my day.

Anyone can do Triangle Pose pose if they follow a few simple guide posts. If you are new to yoga its important you start off as a beginner and if you have joint issues it is important you modify the pose based on your unique needs.

Yoga is never about how far you can bend, or twist or stretch, it is always about how much ease you can feel before, during and after the posture. Triangle pose improves back and shoulder health along with a variety of other great benefits.

In an upcoming blog post I will demonstrate this key pose offering variations that can be applied to address some common concerns around mobility and health issues. Stay tuned…


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