Why I Chose PEI to Live?
November 15, 2020

A question I am often asked is “Why choose Prince Edward Island (PEI) to live?”.

My simple answer is “Why not?, PEI feels like a second home to me”.  

Now going on 10 years since I have been here on the island, there are so many things I love about this place, I love apple picking, seeing the colourful tulips, eating fresh seafood and the list goes on….

Meandering through the fishing villages is one of my favourite things to do during the summer; tasting fresh produce and interacting with the locals.  Yes, this is a pretty special place to be, with friendly people, spectacular views, and simple country living.  All of these elements reminds me of my first home in Trinidad & Tobago where I grew up.

I am an island girl, born and bread in Trinidad.  I grew up loving the sun, playing in the ocean and approaching life from a relaxed vantage point.  

My son, Kyle was just 3 years old when we transitioned from Trinidad to big city life in Toronto, Canada.  The land of opportunities and possibilities allowed us to become more of all that we were before.  

Raising my family and working in Toronto was such a gratifying experience for me.   It served as the perfect jumping off place for me to shift gears and settle down in PEI when the timing was right.

My earlier years in Trinidad as well as in Toronto are precious gems which continues to shape my present moment with one of wisdom and deep appreciation. 

It has always been my desire to retire from my 9 to 5 job earlier than traditionally expected.  I yearned for the ease and freedom to navigate my days on my own terms and I knew that my traditional 9 to 5 jobs were valuable stepping stones for me to afford and achieve this relaxed lifestyle I now enjoy.

Kyle sums it up so clearly with these words of wisdom, “Future me will thank present me”.  

And so I say: “Thank You Christine for following your heart and putting in the work and the time!”; for the future never arrives, only the present moment exists, AND how you perceive and receive your present moment dictates your “future” present moments.


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