Three Keys I Use for a Smooth Flowing Day
January 15, 2021

Waking up each day can be very mechanical for many of us, jumping right back into the mindset we left behind the previous day.  However, waking up each day with presence and intention lays the groundwork for a phenomenally productive and satisfying day.  

Blending into my day the following three keys keeps me grounded and helps me achieve my daily tasks effortlessly.  

Effort (action) is a necessary piece to achieving ones objectives, however,  when I apply these keys I find my day flows more efficiently and easily.  

It is like having an unseen Manager nudging me along with impulses and inspired action.  I accomplish much more when compared to starting my day off rushing about and not taking the time to quiet my mind and appreciate the things that are working for me in my life.  This is what one might call prayer.


My 3 Keys for My Successful Day:


  1. Meditate (Quiet My Mind)
    • This can literally takes 30 seconds to 15 minutes or so, depends on my schedule and how I feel ….. but doing this as I begin my day sets the tone for the remainder of my day.
    • It can be in the form of lying in my bed, washing dishes, taking a walk or doing a formal meditation.  Whatever form it takes, the seed of the meditation is done from an attitude of appreciation, acceptance and full presence.
    • I set my intention for my day.  What I want to accomplish and Why?  
  1. Yoga Practice (Physical Activity)
    • A short or long practice comprising of stretching, bending, twisting and supine physical postures.  Breathing and relaxation techniques are part of my regime.  
  1. Rather Than “Think” My Way Through My Day, I “FEEL” my way through my day.  (Reflective Practice)
    • “Thinking” is necessary but it is secondary ….. and “Feeling” is primary for me.  
    • By asking myself “How do I feel?” as I move about my day is a great way to benchmark the results I am getting in real time; and I have opportunities to make adjustments as I co-create with others and things based on how I feel.  
    • When I feel wonderful I focus more on that particular subject, and when I feel less than wonderful, I focus less on that particular subject. 
    • “Feeling” my way through my day is one of the most powerful tools I know and use to flow my  energy towards uplifting things and less on overwhelming things. 


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