Resting Posture to Soothe YOU
February 15, 2021

In the yoga world this pose is better known as Shavasana (in the Sanskrit language spelt Savasana) and also known as Corpse pose. 

This relaxing reclining posture is done in conjunction with your meditation or mindful practice.  Usually done at the beginning and at the end of a typical hatha yoga practice.

It is an easy pose to do but can be one of the most challenging yoga poses for some as it requires your willingness to embrace your present moment and let go of resistant thought.

Its a favourite piece to my practice, and yes sometimes, it takes me a while to quiet my mind but it is so well worth the effort.  

When you have found your natural resting rhythm in this pose your mind quiets, and your muscles, joints and systems of the body recover their vitality.

Performed with loving awareness this simple pose realigns your brain wave patterns to one of more balance and cultivates a sense of deep inner peace and clarity.

Resting in this position a few minutes a day helps alleviate joint discomfort and rejuvenates your muscular and skeletal systems.  Your connective tissue loosens up and your organs rest and recover.

Anyone can perform this revitalizing posture returning neutrality back to their mind and body.  

When this pose is done correctly, pressure is taken off your joints, your body becomes weightless, fluid, just like water and a sense of spaciousness may be experienced.

Eager to experience the benefits of this essential pose? Then, start off with 5 minutes and then work yourself up to 15 minutes a day for 7 days or more.

Below are three guideposts you can apply to soothe aching joints and experience immediate relief.

Experiment with your props to ensure you are resting the body completely.

  • Place a folded blanket under your head if you have any neck discomfort 
  • Bend your knees with feet flat on the ground or place a bolster under your knees if you have any back discomfort
  • Place your hands closer to your body or on your belly if you have any shoulder discomfort


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